How to reset password and get your username (for Employer members registered before 1 – Aug – 2018)

We already transfer the data of all employer members who registered before 1 – Aug – 2018, from the old system to this new system, so if you are the one, there is no need to register a new account. Just follow the steps below to reset your account, please.

Step 1: Click on Sign In button at top right corner

Step 2: Click on Forgot Password


Step 3: Input your email that you used to register on our old system.

Step 4: Our system will send you an email included your username & link to reset password.

Step 5: Input your new password and click Send mail

Step 6: Check your email, if you received this email it means you successfully update new password, otherwise it still not

Step 7: Click Sign In, use your username and new password to login:


Step 8: After logging in, please update your profile information.