21 Part time jobs for Students Singapore


Singapore may be a small city, but it is full of part time jobs opportunities for those who know where to find them.

Our island nation is home to a number of prestigious universities, as well as a world-renowned business district so it is no surprise that our students have a strong work ethic. In fact, most of these students are keen to find part time jobs while they study in Singapore, and there are a wealth of choices available to those who are prepared to work hard.

Whether you are looking to earn a little extra money while you study, or just need some real-life work experience before you graduate, we have all the information you need to find the right part time placement at the right company.

Cafe part time jobs for students in Singapore

1. Starbucks


One of the most famous brand names in the world, with branches across Singapore and beyond, Starbucks has a good reputation when it comes to hiring students and other part-time employees. However, it does require a minimum commitment of 20 hours per week.

One of the big perks of working at Starbucks is the training. You will learn how to make every coffee under the sun, using the very latest equipment. In this busy working environment you will also learn valuable time management skills and multi-tasking – skills that will stay with you for life. Check out available part time jobs at Starbucks today!

2. Coffee Bean jobs for students


With more than 50 locations across Singapore, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is fast becoming one of the country’s favourite cafes. The emphasis here is on quality and knowledge, so all employees (including part time employees) are trained to learn the finer details of coffee and tea – from the farming methods used, to the distribution, and the preparation of the final beverage. If you have more than a passing interest in coffee, you will thrive here.

The Coffee Bean offers a lot of extra training and opportunity for promotion, and all employees are entitled to a competitive benefits package. Find out more on part time jobs for students available at Coffee Bean right now!

3. Part time jobs for students at TCC


The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) is more like a boutique cafe than a coffee shop chain. Food is just as important as coffee, so part time work is often available in the kitchen as well as on the ground. If you have ever wanted to learn more about the day to day running of a successful catering business, this is a great place to start. While the chain is growing, it is still relatively small and staff are encouraged to learn about every facet of the business. Promotion opportunities are frequently available, even for part time staff. Find out more about applying for a part time jobs for students at TCC cafe.

Fast food part time jobs for students in Singapore

4. KFC / Pizza Hut

KFC and Pizza Hut are two of the biggest fast food names in South East Asia, and they are also two of the biggest employers of part time jobs for students in Singapore.

Jobs range from waiting tables and manning the till, to working at the drive-thru, preparing and cooking food in the kitchen – or a little bit of everything! The pay is competitive, and there are frequent opportunities for training. Part time jobs at KFC and Pizza Hut will also teach you how to work well in a busy environment and how to deal with customers from all walks of life. View all current part time jobs for students at KFC/ Pizza Hut today!

5. Subway jobs for students

Subway is one of the most popular fast food outlets in the world and there are branches in every neighbourhood in Singapore – many of which are seeking part time staff on a regular basis.

At Subway, you will learn to work well as part of a team – a skill that will stay with you for life. Since all food is prepared in full sight of customers, you will be taught to understand and follow an extremely high standard of food hygiene, and you will develop excellent customer service skills. If interested, get a part time job with Subway here.

6. Part time student jobs at Burger King


Burger King is a firm favourite with students who love its cheap, filling (and fast!) food. But it is also one of the top providers of part time jobs for students in Singapore.

An inclusive employment policy means that Burger King will consider every application for work, and many students win part time work flipping burgers on the famous Burger King grill, or manning the tills.

If you are working at one of the bigger branches, prepare to be kept busy. If you’re willing to work hard and learn on your feet, you will get a lot out of your experience here. Start a part time job with Burger King today!

7. Part time jobs at Texas Chicken Singapore


Unlike many other fast food outlets and restaurants, Texas Chicken is open every day – including weekends and public holidays. This makes it perfect for students who are keen to make the most of their free time with a part time job.

Texas Chicken has a very accessible hiring policy – in fact, you are encouraged to simply walk in and request an interview if you are interested in working there.

All employees (including part timers) are offered free meals during their shifts, and there is an incentive scheme that rewards hard work with bonus payments. Join the team as a student at Texas Chicken.

8. Domino’s Pizza jobs for students

Domino’s offers some of the most versatile part time jobs for students in Singapore, with roles ranging from delivery driver (if you have your own bike you can earn even more money), to pizza maker (training provided), and floor staff (taking orders, manning the tills and keeping the outlet clean and presentable).

The pay is competitive and there are opportunities for promotion or to move into a clerical role in the company’s head office.

9. Student jobs at McDonald’s


McDonald’s is probably the most recognisable fast food brand in the world, employing 1.8 million people worldwide, including 9,000 in Singapore alone. The firm takes employee welfare very seriously, and offers a competitive packages of benefits and ongoing training to all members of the ‘McFamily’.

The company is famous for its training programmes, which teach employees important (and transferable) skills in customer service, food hygiene and branch management. Find out available part time jobs for students at McDonald Singapore.

10. Student jobs at Long John Silver

This American fast food favourite has only been in Singapore for a few years, but it is already extremely popular with fans of cheap and quick fish and chips, fried chicken and battered shrimp.

If you don’t like fish, you probably shouldn’t apply as the chances are you’ll be handling fish or seafood at some point.
But for everyone else, Long John Silver is a great place to get some part-time work experience where you are working with food and dealing with customers on a constant basis, learning valuable skills along the way. Learn more about working at Long John Silver (Singapore)

11. MOS Burger part time jobs

For fans of MOS, no other burger will do. The Japanese burger chain has some of the most devoted fans in the business, and a reputation for serving high quality fast food with a Japanese twist.

Part time students staff will have the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the restaurant, while working flexible hours that can complement even the most rigorous study schedule; the minimum requirement for a part time workers is just 8 hours per week. For more on MOS burger hiring information check their website today!

12. VeganBurg jobs for students

VeganBurg is probably the most environmentally-friendly workplace in Singapore. As the name suggests, all its products are vegan or vegetarian, and even the cleaning products used are environmentally sound.

Employees are encouraged to be creative and get involved in the business, and there is a lot of room for personal and professional growth – even for part-time workers.

Jobs range from delivery riders (you must have your own bike) to marketing interns and service staff. View all available VeganBurg part time jobs for students here.

13. Student jobs at Popeye Singapore


Popeye’s is a Louisiana institution, serving fried chicken, fried shrimp and other Deep South classics for sit in and drive through customers.

Part time jobs are available at Popeye’s branches across Singapore, where you can learn about cooking, cleaning, and customer service in the demanding fast food trade.

The company is committed to employee wellbeing, and pays competitive rates to part time and full time workers. Training programmes and promotion schemes are also available.

14. Sakae Sushi jobs for students

Sakae Sushi prides itself on having more than 1,000 employees aged between 17 and 70, making it one of the most inclusive employers in Singapore. There are plenty of opportunities for part time work at Sakae’s many branches, both in the kitchen and in the service sector.

The pay is very competitive, and all employees (including part time employees) are eligible for extra training and a benefits package that, of course, includes free sushi meals while you are on shift.

Ice cream shop part time jobs for students

15. Udders Ice Cream

Udders is one of Singapore’s most popular late night ice cream cafes, and a favourite with many students. Part time workers are usually expected to work the late shifts – which end at between 11.30pm and 12.30am most nights – so it is perfect for students who are looking for a job that won’t clash with their classes.

All employees are expected to work directly with customers, so confidence in the English language is a must. If you aren’t outgoing before working at Udders, you certainly will be afterwards! The store takes pride in creating a happy, friendly working atmosphere and bringing out the best in its employees. Find all available part time jobs for students at Udders this day!

16. Island Creamery


Singapore’s original ice cream parlour is a national institution, with flavours including Soursop and Pulut Hikam.
There are only three branches of Island Creamery in Singapore, and they are all constantly busy, so employees will learn valuable time management and customer service skills (as well as learning a few trade secrets in the kitchen…).

If you love ice cream, there is no better place to learn about the product – all ice cream is freshly made every morning on site. Of course, employee benefits include the occasional freebie. Contact them directly for more on joining the Island Creamery ice cream crew as a student today!

17. ColdStone Creamery

This is the perfect work environment for extroverts. Coldstone Creamery don’t interview staff, they ‘audition’ them, and you will be expected to entertain and interact with the Creamery’s customers on a daily basis.

As such, employee happiness is very important to the firm, and all employees – both full time and part time – are paid well and trained properly, and a positive attitude is maintained behind the scenes.

Ideal for performers and outgoing characters seeking work experience.

Supermarket part time jobs in Singapore

18. NTUC Fairprice


NTUC Fairprice is Singapore’s largest supermarket chain, employing over 8,000 people. It is famous for its scholarships and sponsorship schemes, which are awarded to promising students who are pursuing careers in food technology, retail management, marketing, business studies and many other disciplines.

The stores are constantly seeking new employees for full time, part time and temporary work. Given the scale of the business, students have the opportunity to apply for skilled or non-skilled work in a wide range of sectors and across a huge selection of locations. Read up more on part time jobs at NTUC Fairprice today!

19. Sheng Siong


Sheng Siong is one of the most flexible employers in Singapore’s supermarket sector, offering part time, full time, temporary and casual work opportunities to students and non-students alike.

The supermarket chain has branches all over the country, and at the company’s head office, as well as a fleet of delivery vehicles and a series of warehouses.

Staff will benefit from flexible working hours, opportunities for career advancement and access to a competitive employee benefits package that includes a coveted store discount.

Students working part time at Sheng Siong can choose to move across the firm in order to gain the most relevant work experience, making this a great place for anyone starting their career. More details on starting a job with Sheng Siong.

20. Giant

Formerly known as Shop N Save, Giant is now one of Singapore’s biggest supermarket chains, with more than 63 stores across the island. It is famous for its low prices, and employees benefit from an extra 10% discount on all products.

Part time jobs at Giant Supermarket range from shelf stackers and till operators, to cleaning staff and warehouse staff. Part time and full time positions are almost constantly available at one of the firm’s Singapore branches, and as training is provided on site, there is no need for existing qualifications.

For students, it is a great place to earn extra money, save on household essentials and get some vital work experience.

21. Redmart


Unlike other supermarkets, Redmart is primarily a delivery service. That means that most of its jobs (part time and full time) are limited to warehouse roles and driving roles.

The store places huge value on employee happiness and wellbeing, and regular group activities and employee bonding experiences are planned throughout the year.

It is a relatively stress free environment for busy students who want to earn a little extra cash and get an insight into the consumer habits of Singaporeans, while working for a friendly employer. Find out more on part time jobs for students with Redmart.

Conclusion Part time Jobs for Students

Before applying for any part time jobs as a student, make sure you do your own research on the company to ensure that it meets your expectations. Be honest about your intentions – if you are only looking for part time work, don’t apply for a full time position. Most importantly, enjoy this experience. Most of these part time jobs allow you to learn new skills, meet new people and save a bit of money – make the most of it and you will have fond memories to cherish for the rest of your life. Have not found a job you like here? Check out our homepage for more newly listed Singapore part time job!

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