Posting Policies


1. General job posting rules

1.1 – All jobs posting must be posted with official singapore registered company email address (i.e., or

1.2 – Job posting using generic (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc) are not allowed.

1.3 – Each job posting must advertise for only an individual/ one position. Generic job postings advertising multiple job positions not allowed.

1.4 – All job posting must be written in English only.

1.5 – Incomplete fields in the job submission form will result in the job posting not being approved

1.6 – Please do not include an ICONS/ EMOTICON in the job title and job description.

1.7 – Employer have maximum 3 free job posting per month.

2. Strictly prohibited job listings

2.1 – The following jobs are strictly prohibited from being posted on and will not be approved:

2.1.1 – Jobs that violate any applicable law or regulation in the Singapore

2.1.2 – Jobs which require candidates to send money or stamped addressed envelopes to gain further details of the job position.

2.1.3 – Job postings which advertises for “only commission based” jobs

2.1.4 – Job postings which advertises for multi-level marketing (MLM)/ or other related multi-level marketing schemes

2.1.5 – Job postings which advertises on any any forms of pyramid selling

2.1.6 – Job postings for any Escort/Adult industry related work

2.1.7 – Job postings for medical trials of any kind.

2.1.8 – Job postings for any models or actors (either male or female) related work

2.1.9 – Job postings which contain website links to other websites offering the user job posting facilities

2.1.10 – Should you not upload a logo/ image for your job posting, you authorize to upload a logo/ image from your website to represent your company.

2.2 We reserve all right to remove job postings where it breaches any of our Posting Policies and/or our Terms of Use.

3. Job listings that do not adhere to the following posting rules will not be approved:

Rule #1 – Job Title

– Job titles are to be posted according to our approved format below

– Keywords such as Looking for, Urgent and High pay must not be included

– Job titles must not be in FULL CAPS

Salary details, Job period and Job Location must not be included in the job title

Icons and Special characters must not included in the job title and description.

Examples of approved job titles format:

– Part time Service Crew with XYZ Company

– Part time/ Full time Kitchen Helper with XYZ Company

– Part time Cleaner with an MNC

– Part time Cashier with a Local Supermarket

Examples of job titles format that will NOT be approved:

– ***10X PART TIME CASHIER ($10/ HOUR)***


– Looking for 50X cleaners

Rule #2 – Job Description

– Detail and requirement of the job should be briefly explained

– One sentence job postings will NOT be approved

Rule #3 – Company Logo

– Please ensure that you upload a logo of your company

– Your company should be easily available on your company’s website or facebook page

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