22 Part Time Jobs For Students in Sydney


How can I find a part time job for students in Sydney?

If you’re a student looking for part time jobs in Sydney, the options are endless. With a variety of industries from travel and retail to food and beverage, you’ll have a number of employers to choose from. In your search as a student looking for part time jobs in Sydney, research the opportunities the following employers can offer you.

Fast Food Beverage Part Time Jobs for Students in Sydney



Can you think of a coffee shop with great vibes? As a global brand, with a chilled out atmosphere, Starbucks is a great place that offers part time jobs for students in Sydney. With such a great environment for people, it’s the perfect place for relationship building – for clients to meet for business and for you as an employee to make friends with the other employees. Some of the great skills you’ll develop are: management of money and customers; team building skills and emotional intelligence. Many business magazines highly value Starbucks’ Latte Method, which is effective at helping employees develop empathy and respond thoughtfully to problems that arise. This company is a great opportunity for part time jobs for students.

Boost Juice

Boost Juice believes one of its most important assets is its employees. As a student looking for part time jobs in Sydney, Boost Juice is willing to give you the experience you need to break into the working world. Accustomed to working with students and accommodating their schedules, this is a great place to take advantage of a great opportunity. Not only will you receive training so you can feel confident in the job you’ll be doing, Boost Juice will work around your schedule. In this company, who focus on providing healthy juices and salads, you will learn time management and customer service skills.

Dan Murphy’s


Dan Murphy’s offers the opportunity to invest in your career. With multiple positions available, for those just starting off in the industry to those looking to specialise in fine wines, at Australia’s favourite liquor store you can develop a knowledge base of various liquor brands and specialisation in quality fine wines. At Dan Murphy’s you’ll find people who are passionate about their jobs and this will surely rub off on you in time.

Campos Coffee


Started in Newtown, Campos Coffee is a hometown favourite. With room on staff for baristas and customer service professionals, Campos takes great pride in the quality of their coffee, sourcing it from locations such as Kenya, Guatemala and Ethiopia. If you love coffee and are committed to helping people have a great coffee experience, you may find a home at Campos.



Do you love tea? Chatime may have the job for you with opportunities to learn the tea business, interact with customers and work in a friendly environment. Chatime knows how to marry great tea with great technology. Equipped with state-of-the-art tea and coffee machines, Chatime has lots to offer. With a variety of tea flavours, coffees, smoothies and other drinks, this tea shop has plenty of options for your mom, while still being hip enough for you!

Food Industry Part Time Jobs for Students

Bourke Street Bakery

A well-known food spot in Sydney, Bourke Street Bakery was started in 2004 by two bakers who loved good food and beautiful, handmade treats. Joining this passionate team will show you what it means to be a part of a place that Sydney-siders hold dear to their hearts. Positions are open for casual baristas who know how to make a great cup of coffee for Bourke Street Bakery’s many loyal customers.

Gelato Messina


If you’ve lived in Sydney for any amount of time, you’ll know how popular Gelato Messina is. Lines snake out of the building to get a taste of Messina’s famously delicious gelato. As a college student looking for a part time job in Sydney, you can be a part of bringing joy to people’s lives through gelato. With six stores located throughout Sydney, you can be part of the team as a scooper, pastry chef, bar staff or gelato maker.

Red Rooster


As a student, you’ll be looking for a flexible schedule to suit your academic responsibilities. One great advantage of working for Red Rooster is that they offer flexibility in their scheduling. Red Rooster offers a training program at work, as well as supplemental training that you can access online in your own time. There are also ways the company has to incentivise you, so check out the opportunities Red Rooster has to provide.

Sumo Salad


Founded by two guys who returned from an American adventure and were looking to get healthy, Sumo Salad is excited about providing tasty and healthy eating options. If you’re looking for a place with fun vibes that’s healthy as well, Sumo Salad is the place to be. Sumo Salad has a great philosophy for student part time jobs in Sydney with a motto of Eat, Grow, Learn, Play. With a position at Sumo Salad you will learn organisational skills, as well as customer service skills.

Krispy Kreme


Founded in 1937 from a recipe bought off a French chef in New Orleans, this company travelled far and wide to arrive in Sydney. If you’re looking for a fun workplace, with a great tasting product, Krispy Kreme should be top of the list. Roles range from front-of-shop retail team members to production team members. Working at Krispy Kreme is a great chance to be part of this worldwide brand. There are also opportunities for training and for growth within the business.


There should be moments in life when you can indulge. Yogurberry gives you that opportunity. Offering self-served yogurt, along with luxurious toppings, it’s easy to see why Yogurberry is such a popular choice in the Sydney area. With an employee team built around the idea that colleagues can form life-long bonds, Yogurberry is all about relationships. When searching for a part time jobs for students in Sydney, consider working at Yogurberry, a place where you’ll not only get a job, but you’ll also develop important professional relationships!

Baker’s Delight


Baker’s Delight has been baking for Aussie families for the past 35 years. With fresh baked goods prepared daily, you have the opportunity to be a part of this culinary tradition. Don’t worry about the learning curve being too steep – Baker’s Delight offers an e-learning system so you can learn more about the business and baking. This system is available for you to review and learn from at any time. With the chance to learn and grow and have a flexible schedule, consider Baker’s Delight when looking for a part time job.



If you join Nando’s, you’ll soon be known as a Nandoca, which means you’re part of a strong community. With its Portuguese heritage, Nando’s offers a fun family environment that’s a great introduction to the working world as you venture out to find a part-time job. With great restaurants that reflect Nando’s Afro-Luso roots, you’ll never have a dull day at work. Nando’s is more than a restaurant. It’s an experience.


You probably already love Oporto for its fresh, grilled food. Did you know they also offer part time jobs for students? Because stores are franchised, each location has its own opportunities managed by local managers so stop by and see how you can become part of the team at your local Oporto. Opportunities range from food preparation to customer service. You’ll find out heaps about the food industry while learning how to be part of a team.



Join a restaurant that’s known worldwide and is innovative. With the recent introduction of Make Your Own Burger, you will be joining a team that thinks quickly on its feet. With an office, franchise opportunities and training programs for the future, this part time job may grow into a career for you. You’ll learn customer service, restaurant management and team building skills. All in McDonald’s

Retail Part Time Jobs for Students

Toys ‘R’ Us


With a company motto of get “serious about fun” you can see why Toy ‘R’ Us is ranked #1 in the world for selling toys. In this job, you’ll be interacting with kids and parents looking to find the perfect toy or gift for their child or a friend. This joy will be contagious each day that you go to work. If you’re interested in working at a specific Toys ‘R’ Us store, stop by the Store Service Desk and ask to speak with a manager. They’ll give you an application and start the process for you.

Best and Less


Founded in 1965 in Sydney, the Best and Less team now spans eight states with 200 stores. They are committed to providing great quality, affordable fashion basics. If you join Best and Less, you’ll be joining a group of 4,300 people who call themselves “Besties”. You’ll love this team feeling! If you’re passionate about everything you do, you’ll fit right in at Best and Less. At this job you have the opportunity to learn time, cash and people management skills.

Barbeques Galore


Aiming to be number one in selling barbecues and outdoor furniture solutions, Barbeques Galore has experienced success because of its people. To keep this part of the business strong, Barbeques Galore develops its employees. If you love the outdoors, this company is a great place for you. Consider working in a place where you can let down your hair and help customers imagine what fun could look like in their lives.

Priceline Pharmacy

If you love making people’s lives better, consider looking for a job with Priceline Pharmacy. As an employee, you’ll be investing in a company dedicated to helping customers improve their lives through health, beauty and their sense of general wellbeing. Opportunities exist in retail stores and support offices. You’ll obtain skills in understanding how to make customers happy and how various products can solve customer problems. As the fastest growing beauty and health brand in Australia, when you work for Priceline Pharmacy, you’ll align yourself with a strong brand.



Working at 7-Eleven could be a great opportunity for you as a student looking for part time work. 7-Eleven is a major player in the convenience store and petrol station market in Australia. With so many locations throughout Sydney, there is great need for additional staff. Workers who put in effort and learn the business are given rewards and incentives. Learn more about this opportunity to step foot in the business world by visiting your local 7-Eleven shop to find out about openings.

Service Industry Part Time Jobs for Students



Join Qantas’ 35,000 member-strong team. With 90% of those people coming from Australia, at Qantas, you can call your workplace home. As one of the top airlines in Australia, Qantas is a great company to connect with as a student looking for part time work; opportunities abound from baggage handling to office support. Additionally, after graduation, Qantas offers several development programs like the Finance Graduate Program and the Apprentice Program. For a great opportunity to work with a company with a global reach, check out Qantas.

Life Time Learners


If you’re looking for a job that allows you to grow beyond just making money, Life Time Learners is a great option. A tutoring company that helps students with HSC, assignments and writing, this company looks for those committed to lifetime learning. This includes university graduates, teachers and university students. If you can commit to a minimum of four hours each week and can pass an assessment, you may qualify to work with Life Time Learners. What could be better than knowing you’re helping to shape the minds of the future generation?

Part Time Jobs for Students Summary

Juggling work and school can be challenging, but finding the right company can make the experience worthwhile, all while putting some extra cash in your pockets. The opportunities are endless, from the food and beverage sector to the retail industry, there are heaps of places to choose from, lots of skills to learn and tons of opportunities to match your abilities to the right company. Happy job hunting!

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