5 Best Part Time Work from Home Jobs Sydney

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Bravo technology, bravo.

Thanks to your internet connection you can now instantly turn your home personal computer, your tablet, or even you mobile phone into a fully-fledged workstation, capable of bringing in regular work from home. Now, part time work from home jobs are the new paradigm.

There may be many reasons why you can’t take on a full time job, but if you’re stuck at home you can make money with home based part time jobs. Part time work from home websites for Sydney residents are blossoming and that means more part time work for you.

Here are five of the best ways to find meaningful part time jobs from home, including part time jobs from home for mums.

1. Part Time Work from Home Paid Surveys Jobs in Sydney

This is perhaps the easiest part time work from home to find because it requires no real skills or talents, just your opinions, and questions about your lifestyle, tastes, experiences, and broadly about your life and preferences. There’s always something interesting, and these jobs put dollars in your pocket. This is a perfect part time job from home for mums, pensioners, the disabled, and those between full time jobs.

As a part time survey respondent you simply answer online questionnaires and get paid every time. This is the new way of doing market research and getting statistical information, and it means enjoyable part time work from home for almost anyone with an internet connection.

As a part time job from home, this type of work is done over a cup of coffee, when your baby is finally sleeping, when you’ve finished the household chores, or even on the bus or train. There’s no pressure, you can choose to take on a survey, or not, so your time is you own.

The longest survey is only around 30 minutes, but there are 10 and 20 minute surveys available all the time. The websites will send you emails for each new survey, or there may be a group of surveys that come at once and you can do them all, or just choose one. The dollars will pile up quickly.

Many sites do competitions which you automatically enter every time you do a survey and the prize money is enormous. Here are some websites to get you started, but there are others online as well.


2. Part Time Translation/transcription Services from Home

No matter which foreign language you speak, if you have the necessary English writing skills to provide quality translations, or transcriptions, then you are ready to enter the new world of translation services – a job you can do from home, online.

If you are skilled in any language you could be a translator in your spare time. At the latest count there are 6,500 different languages in current use, but of those, only around 4,500 are spoken by large communities. Mandarin Chinese is the most widely used, and with over 1.4 billion people, so it’s no wonder why. Spanish comes in second place, followed closely by English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, and Japanese. Javanese rounds out the top ten.

As the world becomes more connected, the call for quality translations and transcriptions has been growing exponentially and thanks to the technology it is now lucrative part time work from home.

You must have a passion and a commitment when signing up as a part time translator; this is not an easy job, you must have a very careful eye on the clarity of the translation, and make sure that the entire message is communicated. This a skill that becomes easier with practice and online translation sites are clamouring for people to sign up.

Here are three translation/transcription service websites to start looking for part time jobs as a home based translator.




3. Part Time Home Tutor

Charge whatever you think you’re worth, and have students visit you at home, or even tutor online. Now you can promote yourself through dedicated websites attracting a swarm of students.

University students, student teachers, fully trained teachers and graduates can all qualify to start promoting their services, receiving leads at home and choosing their students according to their timetable. If you are proficient in Mathematics, English, History, Chemistry, Biology or even Physics, you are ready to start your work from home tutoring and earning excellent money. In fact, every subject taken at school is in demand, whether high school, primary school or even infant’s tuition, and the work is readily available.

These websites connect you to parents needing tuition for their children. You work in a one to one teaching format, with an agreed number of hours. Once registered and accepted as a qualified tutor, positions will immediately be available in your local area and you will arrange the time, the price per hour and the number of visits per week required, directly with the parents.

You can review a student’s requirements and accept students as you wish. Mostly you will be working after school hours, evenings and some weekends, but the amount you do and the number of students you take on is completely up to you.

The most exciting thing about this website based tutoring work is that you are paid in cash by the parents for every session, usually with a small commission to the website, plus a small registration fee.

Just Google ‘part time tutoring’ to find the many websites that offer these services; there will no doubt be one that focuses on your suburb, or nearby suburbs. Here are some websites to help you get started.




4. Part Time Graphic/Web Designer Jobs from Home

As a freelance graphic designer finding clients is the most difficult part of the process.

If you are up-to-date with the latest in software and have recognizable experience then there are now websites that will feed you both simple and complex jobs you can work from home. Your ability to craft everything from websites and logos to printed work of all descriptions means you can be your own boss, and enjoy a steady flow of work.

Today clients are flocking to sites that offer freelance graphic design jobs, not only because of the broader range of talent available than at the traditional design houses, but also because they can review your work to see your speciality, ask for quotes, and award the job to the designer they find most suits their requirements.

Graphic design is a professional skill, so just because you have the InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator software doesn’t mean you can be registered on these websites. You will need to have a portfolio of work, and the formal training to complete the tasks you’re given to a high quality, on time and on the agreed budget. If you can meet these requirements, then the flow of work is constant, challenging and rewarding.

You’ll be producing everything from logos and websites, to cover art and eBooks – the variety of jobs on offer is inspiring for graphic designers to work from home.

It’s not just design for the web; print work is also in high demand. You will never be bored.

To succeed, you will need the expertise, the portfolio and the desire to make this a real part of your working life. Start your search with these two high profile websites.



5. Freelance Article Writing Jobs from Home

Part time writing is enjoyable and profitable for those who have the required professional skills. Writing across so many differing industries and topics is always a challenge, and rewarding. It also helps keep the mind sharp.

You need to be a professional writer with a journalistic, advertising, or academic background, who has the research skills and flair for getting the message across clearly and with a fresh perspective.

These days you can make substantial rewards if you can write anything from a 150 word product description to a magazine-style article of up to 2,000 words. If you can adopt the right tone of voice for each specific client’s business, produce convincing copy, and make sure the facts, figures and insights make for interesting reading this type of work from home is definitely for you.

You need excellent grammar and spelling, and you need to know where the full stops, commas and semicolons should go, and how to structure the piece so the reader is drawn in.

There are now many content copy sites available for prolific, skilled writers and all are attracting an enormous number of orders. There are strict criteria to become a registered writer on these sites; they want a resume, plus test pieces, some to a random brief, others with articles you’ve written previously. You are then vetted against strict guidelines and if successful a slew of short writing jobs are yours for the choosing. There is no bidding for jobs, they are posted as orders and if you see one that encompasses your existing knowledge, or you believe can be effectively researched, then you simply click and accept the work from home.

Here are two websites where you can apply, but there are others.



Your home computer is a money-making machine

Whether you are well qualified or just an average citizen, you can work from home from these and many other online websites. The five opportunities for part time work from home we’ve outlined in this article offer independence, fulfilling work and the extra money you deserve for your efforts.

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