5 Essential Things to being a Professional Event Photographer or Videographer


1. Perfection doesn’t exist.
Always know that there is no perfect video or photo. They say practice makes perfect but, perfection is different in everybody eyes. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone. You can’t listen to everything everyone has to say about your work, but always be open to advise and criticism. You have to learn how to filter out the good and the bad. Understand the objectives of your deliverables then communicate with clients to let them understand the reason behind your work. Treat your work as your pride and always strive to be in front of the train by always improving.

2. Practice is King.
Being in this line of work, you have to constantly remind yourself that your work is never the best because there is always an extra mile ahead. Some videographers and photographers become complacent and lazy after a period of time because they get comfortable. The truth is, there isn’t time for you to lose. Craving for improvements is an important trait to develop, especially being in these jobs. The industry is always improving, and so should you.

3. Behind the real action.
Remember, don’t strive for perfection but strive for productivity. Be productive with your time, because the jobs are not as simple as ABC. Being a professional photographer or videographer requires you to constantly keep up with trends in the market. Research and refine your techniques when you have the time. Make it a point to cultivate the habit of studying the different angles and the filming techniques used in the market whenever you come across a video or photo that you like. This way, you will constantly improve no matter where you are and you will find that your knowledge is probably just the tip of an iceberg.

4. Things happen.
When you ask any videographers or photographers out there, they’ll definitely agree with this saying. One thing that you have to learn to accept is, not everything always go as planned. It’s impossible to foresee what will go wrong during your shoot and sometimes it’s almost inevitable. Being open to changes and highly adaptive to your surroundings is a must. If you’re doing event photography or videography and things move out of plans, stop blaming and start doing. Just go with the flow, use your expertise and experience to judge the situation. Such incidents test your professionalism, and how you can take good photos or footages regardless of the situation. As they say, sometimes the best shots happen unexpectedly.

5. Look around you
As a professional videographer or photographer, you always have to be aware of your environment and the situation around you. At an event, there are going to be so many things happening around you all the time. If you’re alone with only one camera, you have to quick on your feet to capture the reactions and actions going on at the same time. Be on the ball when you have important personnel aka VIP at the event, especially when shooting corporate videography. With a camera in your hand, it does not mean that you don’t have to communicate. To get the best footages/photos, it is essential for you to engage your subjects. You’ll also have to talk to your clients to understand the objectives of the videos/photos and solve problems for your clients. Always be ready to adapt to on-the-ground changes and requirements.

There is so much to learn to be a professional event photographer or videographer. Everything is fun about the job because every day is different. You’ll get to meet different people, capture raw emotions and create memories for safekeeping.

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