10 Best Engineering Jobs in Singapore


When it comes to the best engineering jobs in Singapore, there are a plethora of different specialties that most people wouldn’t even realise existed with very different career paths available. To help give an idea of just how much range there is, a career in engineering can take you into any of the following industries: aerospace, agriculture, automotive, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, drafting and design, electrical, environmental, geological, marine, mechanical, petroleum, and software.

Prerequisites for Singapore engineering jobs can vary depending on what industry you’re working in, however as a general rule, people going into engineering require a Bachelor’s degree at least, if not more. Some fields, if you’re working for the public for example, may require additional licensing. Engineers solve complex problems in a wide range of fields using math and science so it goes without saying those must be two subjects you enjoy and excel at. Here is a list of the top ten places for engineering job vacancies in Singapore:

SIA Engineering

SIA Engineering’s success is due to a team of energetic and highly skilled engineers in the aviation industry. Part of their development plan includes a scholarship where they’ll help you out with school and you’ll work with them when you’re done, it’s a win-win! The good news is, they’re expanding, and constantly looking for the next dynamic individual who thinks they have what it takes to thrive in this challenging industry. If that sounds like you, apply here: http://www.siaec.com.sg/careers.html

ST Engineering

Coming from humble beginnings starting out as an ammunition company, ST Engineering is now specialising in a couple of different sectors within the defence industry, namely aerospace, electronics, land and marine systems. This company means business with a global workforce of about 23,000. Investing in their people is one of their core beliefs, recognised through their continuous learning opportunities, professional, and personal growth environments. Find their most recent engineering job vacancies in Singapore here: http://www.stengg.com/careers/career-opportunities


Do you strive to make a positive difference in everything that you do? Have a passion for excellence, respect, and reaching your full potential? Then SMRT awaits as one of the best engineering jobs in Singapore with a rewarding career and the potential for overseas development if that so tickles your fancy. The framework of their employment standards rely on competitive and fair rewards, leadership, talent, and career development, work/life effectiveness, meaningful work and career, and proactive and collaborative union relations. They are the leading multi-faceted public transport operator in Singapore serving millions of passengers daily looking for you! Check out their career listings: http://www.smrt.com.sg/join-us/job-listing

Panasonic Singapore

“People are the foundation of business. Develop people before making products”. Human resources has been a priority at Panasonic for decades. If you’re not familiar with Panasonic, they work with consumer electronics and home appliances in Singapore. They strive to create initiatives based on participative management, respect for employees, and evaluation based on performance to develop strong two-way relationships between the company and its employees. Panasonic understands that the success of their business depends on the well- being of their employees which is why employee self-fulfilment is at the top of their priorities. Make yourself a priority: www.panasonic.com/sg/corporate/careers.html


DSO is a powerhouse waiting to explode, concentrating on their innovative set of defence technologies. They believe in more than just career ladders, but a career full of enriching experiences helping you blossom while having a blast (no pun intended). If you have a deep sense of pride in helping people and want to make a difference in Singapore’s defence and security, DSO wants you to know you’re not only valued, but vital, to their vision and mission. Apply here: https://www.dso.org.sg/career_index.aspx

PSA Singapore

PSA stands for the Port of Singapore Authority and controls the functions, assets, and liabilities of the Singapore Harbor Board; they are the flagship of PSA International with projects spanning across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Their culture consists of making a difference in the maritime industry and diversity as their amazing team members work towards being everyday hero’s making sure Singaporeans get everything they need. PSA stands to offer an attractive remuneration with flexible benefits and want to know why you should join them: https://www.singaporepsa.com/careers

Siltronic Singapore

Knowledge is at the forefront of what makes Siltronic a competitor in the engineering industry. They are committed to ambitious growth targets, which is why they count on highly motivated and innovative employees looking to make their mark in the world. Much more than that, Siltronic is looking for team members who embrace improvement through mentor and role model implementation. Prepare your cover letter, recent photograph, curriculum vitae, and copies of your academic certificates to apply: https://www.siltronic.com/int/en/career/sin/singap…

Toshiba TEC Singapore

Toshiba likes to think of themselves as a one stop shop for printers, point of sales terminals, information processing equipment, and power supply. Their company culture fosters an open and healthy environment where their team is strong because of their relentless pursuit of excellence, constantly promoting each other’s abilities and successes. Their personal moto is “Monozukuri” which means creating products with pride and passion. Toshiba is looking for you: www.toshibatec.com.sg/career/

UMC – United Microelectronics Corporation, Singapore

UMC holds a strong foundation in the technology industry, employing almost 19,000 employees worldwide. They are expecting a massive growth spurt in the way the industry manufactures, and they plan to be ahead of the game every step of the way. At UMC innovation and creativity are bred in a friendly environment, challenging projects, and a team-oriented management style. They offer a variety of positions for a diverse workforce globally and always encourage talent to search their database for suitable career openings: www.umc.com/English/careers/Singapore.asp

Shimano Singapore

Specialising in the bicycle components and fishing tackles industries, Shimano strives to create a natural and responsive interaction between the user and the product, enabling people to pursue the hobbies they love with ease and comfort. Shimano bases the root of it’s growth in recruitment and development, seeking candidates with the appropriate qualifications and experience. If this is you, they welcome you to pursue a great career opportunity: bike.shimano.com.sg/content/spl-bike/en/home/careers0.html

Each of these world leading engineering companies represent only the best engineering jobs in Singapore, offering challenging but innovative and welcoming workplaces that encourage you to ambitiously achieve your potential, and are ready to reward you for doing so! Engineering is a wonderful career, but as in any industry, you have to go after what you want hard and make yourself stand out amongst the noise; so make like a true engineer and solve this problem by sending them an email directly. Best of luck!

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