10 Best Banking Jobs in Singapore


The banking sector in Singapore offers varied job opportunities for those interested in this career. Workers may find themselves working with government agencies, commercial banks, mortgage companies, credit unions and savings and loan establishments. With an increasing focus on the role of technology, there are opportunities opening up in banking which never existed before.

Working in a bank requires people who are analytical problem solvers with solid communication skills. Banking is challenging and unless staff can demonstrate these skills under pressure, they will not make it in the industry. Success in the banking sector requires a person to pay close attention to detail. There are a lot of fine details in banking and being a generalist is not going to be an acceptable attribute for prosperity.

With the rise in Fintech in Asia, Singapore banking jobs are becoming more readily available. Some of the best banking jobs in Singapore are in the areas of analytics, risk management, private equity and capital markets.

DBS Bank

With a large Asian market, DBS Bank is the largest bank is South-East Asia. DBS is well placed for the growing Asian market. They have just announced that they are about to hire 100 developers skilled in emerging and disruptive technologies. DBS have market dominance in customer banking, managing assets, markets and treasury, securities brokerage, equity, and debt fund-raising across Hong Kong and Singapore. DBS employees enjoy learning and development, rewards and recognition, and a healthy work-life balance.

For career opportunities, visit https://www.dbs.com/careers/default.page


OCBC Bank is Singapore’s oldest bank, providing commercial banking and specialist financial and wealth management. Its services range from consumer, corporate, investment, private and transaction banking to treasury, insurance, asset management and stockbroking services. Multi-award winning, they won the Business Management Excellence Award for Employee Engagement in 2016. Employee benefits include preferential loan rates, scholarships and bursaries for children, a recreational club, holiday chalets, health screening, medical and dental benefits, medical leave, a staff store and performance-driven compensation.

For career opportunities, visit https://www.ocbc.com/group/careers/opportunities-a…

UOB Bank

UOB is the third largest bank in South-East Asia. UOB offers commercial and corporate banking, commercial and private banking and financial services, insurance services, venture capital, and asset management investment. In addition to these banking services, UOB Bank offers services specifically for young families and young professionals. UOB offers competitive remuneration including an employee care programme with staff rewards like medical care, insurance cover and banking incentives. Employees can also enjoy holiday facilities in Singapore and abroad.

For career opportunities, visit http://www.uobgroup.com/careers/index.html

Standard Chartered (Singapore)

Standard Chartered are part of an international banking group across 70 countries. They offer corporate and institutional services in lending, cash management, trade finance, foreign exchange, securities, corporate finance, and debt capital markets. It also features private banking through its private banking services division. Employee salaries are regularly benchmarked against industry peers. Standard Chartered employees also receive preferred banking rates, medical and health cover, insurance and retirement plans, medical leave and the option to become a shareholder.

For career opportunities, visit https://www.sc.com/en/careers/

Maybank (Singapore)

Maybank, a Malaysian-owned bank, is Singapore’s fourth largest bank by assets. Maybank branches can be found in 20 countries. They offer including consumer and corporate banking, investment banking, stock brokerage, asset management and insurance. Maybank are also renowned specialists in the field of Islamic banking and takaful insurance. Maybank employees receive medical, dental and optical cover, a commitment to lifelong learning and equal opportunities. There are also regular performance appraisals and rewards, and life-work balance through the Flexible Benefits Scheme.

For career opportunities, visit http://info.maybank2u.com.sg/about-us/careers-at-m…

ANZ (Singapore)

An Australian-owned bank, ANZ Singapore provides commercial, corporate, personal, signature priority banking, and private banking. ANZ has shown a commitment to give back to the community with a focus on skills-based volunteering. They have recently established an adult financial literacy programme called Money Minded. The programme is run by a third-party academic institution. Employee benefits at ANZ include health and well-being programmes and discounted ANZ products.

For career opportunities, visit http://www.anz.com/about-us/careers/opportunities/

Westpac (Singapore)

Westpac is Australian owned but now a presence across Asia. Westpac provides corporate and institutional banking, private banking, migrant banking, foreign exchange, trade and transitional banking, treasury, debt markets. Westpac specialises in working with high net worth and affluent clients to help them meet their business needs in a global economy. One of the benefits of working for Westpac is upward mobility.

For career opportunities, visit http://careersasia.westpacgroup.com.au

Citi Bank (Singapore)

Citi is one of the leading global banks, with approximately 200 million customer accounts and business in more than 160 countries. Citi offers customers, business, governments and other institutions a wide range of financial products. Services include customer banking and credit facilities, business and investment banking, securities broking, other transaction services, as well as wealth management. Citi Bank Singapore has been acknowledged for its people practices. Benefits of working for Citibank include mobility, opportunities for career development, medical care, insurance and banking discounts.

For career opportunities, visit http://www.citibank.com.sg/gcb/static/hr_landing.h…

Barclays (Singapore)

An international banking group, Barclays provide corporate and investment banking solutions in Singapore. Barclays work with businesses, local companies, other financial institutions and non-financial institutions as well as multinational companies. They are experts in financing, capital raising, financing and risk management. Employment at Barclays promises employee networks, progression, mobility, flexible working arrangements, and the opportunity to make a positive contribution. Barclays staff are governed by a Code of Conduct which outlines the values they bring to everyday life.

For career opportunities, visit http://joinus.barclays.com/apac/

Bank Of China (Singapore)

The oldest bank in China, the Singapore Branch of the Bank of China deals in retail banking, corporate banking, international trade settlement and trade financing. It also boasts expert knowledge in China-related trade financing and settlements, and also remittance services. They also offer personal banking. They are committed to promoting unilateral economic and trade relations between Singapore and China. Working for the Bank of China you are eligible for the following benefits: preferential mortgage rates, interest-free personal loans, preferential interest rates for deposits, and the waiver of certain transaction fees on credit cards and annual fees.

For career opportunities, visit http://www.bankofchina.com/sg/aboutus/ab4/

Banking job opportunities in Singapore are available at a diverse range of banks offering services ranging from risk management and capital raising to personal banking. The number of banking job opportunities in Singapore is promising and looks set to continue. While other banking sectors decline, Singapore banking jobs remain steady. Banking jobs in Singapore range from entry-level jobs to graduate and professional. Each bank has its own employee benefit schemes to make working for them competitive. Finding the bank to best suit your skills and career goals is important and you should do your research before applying.

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