6 Types of Teaching Jobs In Singapore


Looking for teaching job vacancies in Singapore? You’re in luck! Singapore is a country that has a high quality and varied education system. As a matter of fact, Singapore is constantly ranked first in the world for education. This makes Singapore teaching jobs incredibly sought after.

Typical Singapore teaching jobs include classroom teachers (primary and secondary), English as Second language teachers, lecturers and principles.

So how do you land the best teaching job in Singapore?

Although criteria vary between institutions, a few things are a common necessity. First of all, Singapore teaching jobs require a bachelor’s degree. For both public and international schools, a degree in your chosen subject area is preferable.

If you are applying for ESL teaching job vacancies in Singapore, you will need both a TEFL certificate and a bachelors degree.

Some of the best teaching jobs in Singapore are at the country’s universities. University lecturers need a PHD to qualify.

Alongside educational expectations, Singapore teaching jobs also require a number of personal and professional qualities. These include patience, communication, great listening skills and, of course, knowledge and expertise in their chosen subject matter.

Let’s take a look at the six types of teaching jobs in Singapore…


Some of the best teaching jobs in Singapore can be found at polytechnic schools.

By definition, a polytechnic school is an educational institution that offers a variety of industry arts, applied sciences, or technical subjects.

To find polytechnic teaching job vacancies in Singapore, it’s important to contact the three polytechnic schools: Nanyang Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

But what type of Singapore teaching jobs do these institutions offer?

Nanyang Polytechnic school offers some of the best teaching jobs in Singapore, due to their strong links within the professional industry and international linkages.

As far as Singapore teaching jobs go, Nanyang offers a great work package. Salaries vary with qualifications and experience, but those successful will receive bonuses, vacation leave, mental and dental subsidies and subsidised childcare facilities.

Nanyang seeks teachers that are dedicated and constantly look for new teachers that want to encourage teamwork, creativity and professionalism.

Temasek Polytechnic prides itself on preparing school-leavers and adults for a future of dynamic change, ‘with relevant knowledge, lifelong skills, character, and a thirst for continuous improvement.’

The school regularly seeks new lecturers and those successful will certainly enjoy the benefits of working for such a quality institution.

Staff at Temasek are treated to annual leave, hospitalisation and medical leave, medical benefits and family care benefits. Alongside this, staff are also able to take advantage of subsidised on-campus childcare facilities and activities.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic believes in ‘giving every employee the opportunity to build a meaningful career’. They seek innovative, creative minds and team players who share their vision and values.

All of the polytechnic schools have their current vacancies listed on their websites. Alongside this, they also encourage any potential employees to contact them via email.

International Schools

Singapore has three international schools: The Australian International School, The Stamford American International School and The Overseas Family School.

Although all three schools are different, they all follow a curriculum from a country other than Singapore.

The Australian International School teaches a combination of Australian and international curriculum. This makes it a great place to work for teachers who are from Australia, or simply speak English as a first language.

The Australian International School often hires teachers from other countries and the school is made up of a whopping 50 nationalities.

The AIS look for teachers ‘with a lifelong desire for learning’. Those wishing to work there should check the career page regularly for any vacancies.

The Stamford American International School evaluates teaching applicants on four criteria: ‘high quality teaching practice, contribution to learning area and curriculum development, relationships with students, staff and parents and contribution to the whole school.’

Applicants can apply by sending a completed job application form (which can be found on the website) and a copy of their resume to careers@sais.edu.sg.

The school often has vacancies for specialist teachers, including music and visual arts. Less academic roles such as school nurses are also often available.

The Overseas Family School is accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges, Council For Private Education, Singapore and is a registered Cambridge International Examinations Centre.

All primary, middle and high school vacancies are listed on the website. Being an internal school, the Overseas Family School often seeks those who are fluent in various languages.

Institute of Technical Education

Careers at the Institute of Technical Education can be found on their job portal. As a large vocational school, they offer a range of positions for different levels of education and experience.

Current Singapore teaching jobs include full time and part time lecturers and technological development engineers.

Those without teaching qualifications can apply for non-academic roles, such as management support officers and senior officers.

The Institute of Technical Education was voted one of Singapore’s ‘Aon Hewitt Best Employers’ in 2011. So what exactly makes this institute such a great place to work? ITE state:

‘At ITE, we will help you find meaning and joy in the work you do, to make a difference to our students, and to make your career extraordinary!’

This hands-on, hearts-on, minds-on college certainly offers some of the best teaching jobs in Singapore.

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education is a national body that formulates the curriculum and implements educational policies throughout public schools in Singapore.

Working with the Ministry of Education is beneficial due to its high level of professional development. As a matter of fact, there are three different career tracks that a teacher may take. These are The Teachership Track, The Leadership Development Track and The Senior Specialist Track.

In order to teach in a primary or secondary school, applicants must follow the Ministry of Education’s application process.

Degree holders must complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. Those with A Levels or a diploma must complete one of the following qualifications: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (Edun), Diploma in Education, Teacher Training Schemes for Tamil, Art, Music and Chinese. O level holders may also become teachers by completing the Teacher Training Schemes for Tamil, Art, Music and Chinese.

Applicants must apply for the programs through the Ministry of Education website. It’s important to remember that each training program has specific opening windows.

Private Enrichment Schools

Those who do are not looking for fulltime Singapore teaching jobs may be interested in teaching at one of the country’s private enrichment schools.

The Learning Lab prides itself on being ‘more than just tuition’. It aims at getting children ready for the world, as well as enhancing their academic ability.

As well as teaching positions, The Learning Lab also offers admin positions, client relations positions and internships. All those who wish to apply are encouraged to call the centre.

Mindchamps seek teachers who are dynamic and positive. Teachers with experience or qualifications in pre-school teaching are especially in demand at the centre.

Similarly, Mind Stretcher offer a range of pre-school positions, as well as primary and secondary vacancies.

They look ‘for dynamic and enterprising people with a heart’ and a passion for education. All of their vacancies are listed on their website.


With four Universities, Singapore undoubtedly has many opportunities for teaching higher education.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) has an impressive ranking. As a matter of fact, it was ranked the world’s number one Young University.

If this alone doesn’t make the University one of the best places to work, it is also based in the serene nature of West Singapore.

The University prides itself on its international faculty and offers a variety of positions. All vacancies are listed on the University’s career page.

In the heart of the city lies Singapore Management University, a place where ‘employees work, plan, communicate and play together.’

Singapore Management University offers a very different approach to Singapore teaching jobs, one with a family like atmosphere at the core.

You can browse the range of vacancies on the website. All employees receive competitive compensation packages and ‘generous professional development opportunities.’

The National University of Singapore runs on the following mantra: ‘We don’t just teach. We transform the way people do things.’

The university offers a range of both academic and non-academic Singapore teaching jobs. Academic staff are hired on various contracts, including part-time, visiting and tenure track.

It is this versatility that perhaps gives The National University the widest range of career paths and opportunities.


With dozens of education institutions to choose from, teaching job vacancies in Singapore are often available in abundance.

However, the amount of vacancies can vary throughout the year, with most vacancies appearing before the beginning of the academic year between November and January.

It is recommended to check the job pages for each institution regularly for any new positions. Alongside this, emailing the universities directly may mean that you could be automatically considered if a new position arises.

In short, Singapore offers the best education in the globe and it could be you who helps shape its future.

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