Job Posting at SGJOBS


Step 1: Go to at the top right hand corner click on Join Us.

how to post a job - 1


Step 2: Selct Employer, complete the registration details and click on Sign Up button.

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Step 3: Complete your Employer/ Company details accordingly. (This is only a one time setup). Once done click on Update at the bottom left hand corner of the page.

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Step 4: Upon completion of Step 3, on the left menu, click on the Post a New Job

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Step 5: After complete your job ad details, click Next at the bottom left hand corner of the page to go to the Package & Payments screen for select job package. (You can check details of all the job packages HERE)

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Step 6: After  you chose the job package,  click Post Job to finish.

Step 7: Once the job ad is posted. Please await for our team to review. Approval will be within 2 – 4 hours upon submission. You can go to Manage Jobs tab and check your job ad status here

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Please note that if your job ad posting violates our job posting rules, your job ad will not be approved and will be removed.

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