Benefits of being a part-time babysitter

Have you been looking for a job that doesn’t require you to clock in or be under fluorescent lights all day? Fancy a job that is both free and fulfilling? There were over thirty-nine thousand babies born in 2018, as stated by the Department of Statistics Singapore. With these numbers, you would expect to get a babysitting job tomorrow! Babysitting is perhaps the most fun you could have while making some extra cash. You get to play with children, teach them new skills and can relax when it’s their bedtime. Check out these 5 benefits of being a part-time babysitter.

  1. Stay in-touch with your inner-child

The majority of babysitting is playing with children. Get out those board games, take them outside for some neighborhood games or get creative and use your imagination and play zombie chase. When you get tired of playing games you can watch Disney movies with zero judgement. Revisit your child-hood and enjoy it. It’s a win-win situation.

  1. The pay is good

Babysitting is the best way to earn cold hard cash. After a few hours with the kids, and once the parents return, you are usually paid cash in hand and don’t have to wait until you receive a paycheck. On the plus side, parents are always willing to pay high wages to ensure that their pride and joys are looked after well. You get to determine your wage and decide what is acceptable.

Babysitter pro tip: the more experience and child related qualifications you have, the higher hourly rate you can request.

  1. You choose your hours

Not everyone wants to work nine to five and babysitting allows for that. You get to create your schedule around your life, rather than the other way around. Given the power to plan your own schedule is a huge perk. When you use the Babysits online platform, you can organize your schedule according to when you have availability and if you want to make more money. You get to be your own boss.

  1. Teach and learn valuable skills

You can teach the kids any valuable skills that you know, sort’ve a child genius in the making! You can quiz them on math, writing, or maybe even joke telling. If they can complete their homework or make you laugh then you have done your job! On the other hand, babysitters can also learn responsibility. Babysitting can develop your time management, inspire creativity, build up patience, and improve confidence. For positive success in the future, these are all important character traits to develop.

  1. Make a difference

Kids replicate the things they see and hear. Not only from parents, but all people outside the family, babysitters included. You have an immense amount of experience, interests and hobbies that you can share with the children you are babysitting. The children will grow from your skills and assistance as you help them with homework, teach them how to bake cookies, or share your painting skills. All the little things you do will impact the children you work with, develop long lasting relationships, and create sweet memories. Being around kids is a rewarding experience, as you are helping mold minds and having fun at the same time! Every babysitting experience is different but what children really need is someone to keep them safe while enjoying themselves. If these benefits sound intriguing to you, consider signing up as a babysitter with the online platform Babysits. It is free for babysitters to sign up, and you could be helping families in your area as soon as tomorrow.

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